Getting Into the Basic Web Development Tools

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Published: 10th December 2012
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Content management systems –

To begin with, the most used website development tools are CMS or content management systems. As the name suggest, content management systems help you manage the content which you decide to publish on the website. If you wish to develop the website for your self owned business or you are small or medium size business house, the content management systems are best for you. Obviously, you would need to make changes, update the latest content; change the set of achievements and testimonials etc and a content management system would let you do exactly that. It comes with a back end process, where in you can easily drag and drop the content items with which you need to update your website. Simply click on the update button and the changes would go live. With content management systems around, website development through the hands of experts at web design firms really gets that easy.

With regard to varying needs of you website development, you can choose various content management systems. Your options are explained below:

WordPress content management system – to begin with, WordPress was a tool for publishing and managing blog but owing to its search engine friendly attribute and ease of use, the developer’s world wide started using it as an effective back end process for managing websites. For any one who is a novice in the field of website development etc, WordPress is the best solution. It is easy to manage and configure and has a plethora of benefits.

Drupal –

If you require a large scale website, some thing which would have a number of features like social networking, support blogging and a lot more, Drupal website development tool is your option. Drupal is content management system with a reputation of managing large scale websites and multi disciplinary website development needs. With an active online community ever ready for support and guidance, and much advanced features and functionalities, Drupal is the best available option for extensive and large scale website development. However, for the beginners, the Drupal dash board could be a tad too intimidating, hence here we utilize web development services.

Magento –

Magento is a tool for developing impressive ecommerce websites. If you are a small or private business, which cannot own its own digital storefront management service etc, Magento website development is the best for you. It has various options like multiple payment gateways, multiple images per product, feature to zoom in and view the product images and a lot more. With Magento ecommerce website development in place, you are more than certain to roll in big chunks of money.

Now we have different type of website development tools, which are discussed below:

PHP development and HTML websites –

these two technologies are amongst the most used website development tools. The sole difference between these to technologies is that PHP (hyper text processor language) is used to build dynamic web sites which will provide some real time action and website dynamics, where as HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language) build static yet quick loading websites. Thus, depending upon your need, you can choose any one of these two technologies to develop the website. If you just need to spread information etc and publish some content, you may opt for HTML based websites, where PHP is a bit advanced and provides you with a dynamic website, which will change with respect to the inputs provided by the users.

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